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I love it when they try to “comment” on older posts that are obsolete and try to say it’s “great info that they’ll take into account” and junk like that.

It makes it soooo much easier to clean out my comment queue.

Rangel College of Pharmacy Blog

Hi all,

In regards to the blog I referred to earlier, I decided to set up the subdomain rather than merge the posts together.  I’d rather the blog be able to stand alone as a separate entity for those interested in applying to the Texas A&M Health Science Center Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy.

The blog can be found at for now.  If there comes a time when TAMHSC wishes me to change the subdomain for reasons of association, then I will update you on both sites.

In regards to this site itself, the main page will link to both this blog and that one.  I’ve also given this blog a facelift (though the theme itself is not my own).  It’s a lot sharper and works better with the computers of today.

Back from the Grave and a New Direction

So apparently Mochahost renewed my domain for a year without me realizing, so I guess this is still up.  I might just continue with this site after all.

I guess since the last post, quite a bit has changed.

I joined Cougar Kendo, nearly finished the large form for Yang style Tai-Chi, and finished my undergraduate years.  I will be moving to Kingsville, Texas soon in order to continue my education at the Texas A&M Health Science Center Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy.  Considering that this is a relatively new school, I realize that not too many people know of its existence, and those in undergraduate who do know of it, may have a lot of questions about the school.  Because of this, I’m thinking I might start anew by blogging about my experiences at the Rangel College of Pharmacy.  I’m in the middle of setting up a new sub-domain, but I might just end up blogging here in the end.  I just don’t want to mesh the personal blogging with the CoP blogging.

Work in Progress

As the title says, the page is once again in the state of "Work in Progress."  This is a theme found on the official WordPress site, so I cannot make any claims of creation here, but I will have to go through a few things to customize it to my site, at which point, it will be a theme BASED on someone else’s theme.


Main things to address: The image gallery is unavailable to view with this current setup.  It can be accessed HERE:  However, I have not updated it, and likely will not for the forseeable future.  I may do so in summer when I’m not pressed for time.


The individual pages appear glitchy, and I will have to work with that by looking at the exact call line on the comments.php file.

Not dead… yet.

Just saying.

I haven’t forgotten about the promised entry from the last review, but I have some other journal writings outside of this site to take care of. Also, I’m planning a bit of a layout update, so there’s that much to look forward to.

I also am planning to push the idea of moving the UH Pre-Pharmacy Association website to a private server so future webmasters (as well as myself) don’t have to deal with the limitations of those servers.

Image Gallery 75% complete

As you know, I’ve had issues getting the Image Gallery to comply with this layout here. I’ve decided to pursue using a different template for the image gallery (“Modern” by Ross Howard). This uses a black on black colour scheme, but I tend to like it. It just doesn’t fit with the whole “Blue Haven” idea, so I may end up changing it eventually. Though, if you think it’s fine, I won’t if I don’t have to. So please leave a comment about that.

However, issues with Singapore makes it so that I can’t immediately upload my images, seeing as my images exceed 3000×2000 resolution when I take them. It ends up crashing the entire gallery. As thus, I’ve always had a qualm about when and how to update the gallery.

I found a nifty little program called “Multiple Image Resizer .NET” that can convert my selected images all at once to a smaller size. If utilized this way, I can definitely upload my images faster and without crashing the gallery.

So expect the gallery to be finished (not in terms of content) by the end of this month. I have AP tests and graduation coming up and cannot spend as much time immediately on it as I would like.

And yes, Michelle, I’ll include yours in there when I do so.

Image Gallery Up

I finally got the image gallery semi working. There are a few kinks I’d like to work out but later.

The image sizes will be small due to limitations. I tried to post a 2592×1944 pixel photo prior, but they didn’t show in the gallery. And since there were some who use 800×600 resolution, I had to downsize so that they could view it on that resolution (Sorry, but you’ll all have to see a small version of the bigger picture. At least I still have the originals…).

You can find the image gallery through the navigation bar at the top, or click HERE

I’ll try to post more up later.  Too… tired.