Blogging vs. “Microblogging”

Over the past couple of years, I noticed the amount I blog has dropped significantly.  Even the amount of time I spend thinking about what to write has fallen.  It could be the fact that the classes are getting harder and require much more time, but I believe it may also be attributed to the advent of “microblogging.”

Granted, a lot of posts I used to make held very little substance – they were mere ramblings and rants from a young teenager going through quite a bit of melodrama.  However, I still posted quite often; I posted multiple times per day!  Before that, I actually wrote in my journal pretty often as well.

Later came Facebook with its “status updates”.  It eliminated the compulsion to blog about every tiny thing that occurred in my average day-to-day life. Instead, it was replaced by the urge to continuously make status updates.  This is the same with Twitter and its tiny updates that one can post by simply texting (and now with an app, for those of you with those fancy smartphones…).

It seems that in this time, I’ve developed a mindset that anything that should be posted on an actual blog or written in a journal should have material, thoughts, or some sort of discussion that merits a longer post.  But really, as a former blogger who has few followers (none at all at the moment with the lack of updates), there is nary a point to even bother, yet here I am.

In a way, microblogging has helped to pave way for bloggers who actually have a lot of entries  with substance rather than the aforementioned ravings of over-emotional status-type posts and spur of the moment “me” posts.  I’m thankful for that when I read other blogs, but I’m slightly disappointed at how barren my own site has become.

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  1. Naoiko

    I also am glad for social media as it has indeed helped to tone down the amount of ‘OH MY GWOSH’ “blogs” out there. Also glad to have you update but it is understandable. A fine cooked meal is better than fast food any day, and the same goes with blogs/articles. Don’t be discouraged! =)

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