Remembrance – Dr. James Robertson, Jr.

On the eve of a day of joy, thanks, family, and friends before a season of celebrations, comes a bit of sadness and emptiness. At 12:10 PM today, Dr. James Robertson, Jr. passed away after a long struggle with pneumonia.
Dr. Robertson was a very supportive individual and strong in his convictions. His impact was seen everywhere throughout the school. When one needed advice or simply someone to talk to, he would lend an ear. He was friendly, but he knew when to be stern and get down to business. The Rangel College of Pharmacy, its students, its faculty, its employees, and its organizations would not be where they are now without all of his hard work and support through the past few years as Associate Dean. However, I am sure that my colleagues will agree that we’ve lost more than a dean; we’ve lost a teacher, a mentor, a leader, a guide, an advocate, and most importantly, a friend. It will be a tough position to fill.

I regret that he will not be present during our graduation, but I will never forget his support from before I even became a student at this school, his kindness when I needed such most in Kingsville, nor his willingness to pay for and share a cab when I ran late for my flight back from Las Vegas last summer (of which, I did end up paying him back, thankfully). Ultimately, I am thankful that I had the chance to meet such an extraordinary individual.

May God rest his soul. Rest in peace, Dr. Robertson.

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