Image Gallery 75% complete

As you know, I’ve had issues getting the Image Gallery to comply with this layout here. I’ve decided to pursue using a different template for the image gallery (“Modern” by Ross Howard). This uses a black on black colour scheme, but I tend to like it. It just doesn’t fit with the whole “Blue Haven” idea, so I may end up changing it eventually. Though, if you think it’s fine, I won’t if I don’t have to. So please leave a comment about that.

However, issues with Singapore makes it so that I can’t immediately upload my images, seeing as my images exceed 3000×2000 resolution when I take them. It ends up crashing the entire gallery. As thus, I’ve always had a qualm about when and how to update the gallery.

I found a nifty little program called “Multiple Image Resizer .NET” that can convert my selected images all at once to a smaller size. If utilized this way, I can definitely upload my images faster and without crashing the gallery.

So expect the gallery to be finished (not in terms of content) by the end of this month. I have AP tests and graduation coming up and cannot spend as much time immediately on it as I would like.

And yes, Michelle, I’ll include yours in there when I do so.

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