Death in the “Season of Life”

Hearing so much about teenagers dying in car wrecks, you try to ignore it, but it’s a sad fact. And even if you accept fact, you keep hoping and thinking that it would never happen to those you knew.

I have to rethink my position on this.

Bryan Truong was a great guy. Student Council, intelligent, funny at times, and just an outright leader. He only graduated last school year.

And after graduation, it all ends. Just like that, because of a speeding car.

The thought of it makes me sick. I mean, here’s a guy who many would think had a great future ahead of him. Then there’s a lot of idiots who – sadly in my opinion – don’t deserve to even walk this Earth, nor even be under this Earth. So many of them continue to live, and someone like him is gone before his schooling even ends. Life isn’t fair, and this is a PRIME example of it.

It’s the first time anyone I knew of my age has passed on. It’s a huge shock.

All I can think of right now is, did he feel anything? Did he see it coming? What thoughts rushed through his mind as the car crashed?

I can only hope he made it into the “great beyond.” I can’t believe he can vanish into nothing, despite what modern science says. I can’t believe that religiously, nor can I believe that mentally.

My details are still blurry. Was his car the one that sped? Was that the only car involved? Or was there another car? Was he at fault, or was he the innocent? Was drunk driving involved?

No matter. It is still a shame to see a life like that wasted by a stupid motorvehicular accident.

Almost makes me want to go live in an urban area where I can just WALK everywhere instead of driving over the entire dang town.

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