Title: Nintendogs (All three versions)
Type: Simulation
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E
Available Files: 1
Special Notes for ESRB Rating: Comic Mischief
Summary: You own a pet puppy of the breed of your choice, which will never grow old. You can train it for competitions, teach it tricks, take it on walks.

My Ratings:

Graphics: 8.0/10
When you first play it, you might be impressed by the “realism” of the dogs. And perhaps you may be impressed by the surroundings as well. But after a while, you’ll notice a few graphical glitches, and that the dogs… don’t really have “fur”…

Story: NA/10
Story? This is a freaking simulation! YOU MAKE YOUR OWN STORY

Gameplay: 6.0/10
If you’re a fan of this game, don’t kill me for this score here. It’s fun at first, but after a while, the activities seem more and more limited, and also tedious… after winning the competitions 20 times in a row with a few dogs… it sort of gets old. Not to mention, the commentators comments just get overused. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty… this isn’t really a good simulation of having a pet. In real life, they’re full of surprises… here, it really does get old… I do have to admit that it was innovative though.

Music: 5.5/10
Not a very impressive aspect of the game. Even the records that you find as items don’t really sound that good.

Fun for a while, then it just gets old. I only played for about two weeks before I just started to stop playing it. Not worth the money. If you’re wanting a pet, get a real one. Or, if you just want to try it, just rent it. It’s a much better investment in this case than to buy it.

Disclaimer: Nintendogs and the pictures associated are properties of Nintendo.

1 thought on “Nintendogs

  1. Tara (CrimsonFox)

    Yea, I was very disappointed with Nintendogs after about a week of playing it.
    The main reason I got it in the first place was my obsession with the ‘Shiba Inu’ breed, so I need to get anything that includes them since they are so rare here 🙂

    But even though the game kept me addicted for about a week, it got very boring once you finished with the little competitions and all that’s left to do is pet & feed a fake puppy :-/

    Perhaps I’d enjoy the game more if I didn’t have real dogs?
    But if they make a future installment of the Nintendogs series they need to include stuff that keeps the game from ‘ending’, such as the dogs getting old and having genetics for breeding. There should be confirmation shows where your dogs are judged and awarded show points based upon your ability to breed for the best qualities against a breed standard.

    They should also have the competitions be more ability-specific/breed-specific.
    In Nintendogs, all the breeds have the same temperament, personality, and abilities. So untrue in real life. My Nintendog Shiba very easily won the frisbee competitions, whereas real life Shibas generally have no interest in frisbee no matter how much you try to make them care about it.

    They should have tracking competitions specifically for hunting breeds, sheep-herding trials for the herding breeds, etc.
    And the genetics would effect this as well where a pup bred from better herding dogs would do better in the trials.

    AND of course they would need to allow the ability for online play where you compete with other real people’s dogs and can even breed with others who have good qualities, etc.

    I think they can do all this in more perhaps if they made a Wii version. But unfortunately, if they know that it will still sell extremely well if they keep the game with very minimal features, that is what they will do 🙁

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